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Source: Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Title: Diversity & Inclusion Webinar and 2 day training
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Diversity and Inclusion Professionals


EEO Directors and Officials


Human Resource Management Directors and Officials



Subject:  Message from OPM’s Office Diversity & Inclusion: Webinars and Workshop to Assist Federal Agencies with Developing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Strategic Plans


1. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), is providing two types of training opportunities to assist Federal agencies with the development and submission of their Agency-Specific Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plans. 


The initial offering will be a series of 2-hour webinars.  These webinars are designed for participants who only require a summarized update on the latest subject methodologies and tactics required to comply with OPM Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan submissions due March 16, 2012.   Webinar and call in numbers will be provided in a follow-up email.  The times, topics, and objectives of these webinars are listed below:



January 25, 2012, 1:00-3:00pm


“Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan and Metrics”


Course Objectives: 


·         Provide participants a roadmap to create or align their Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plans with the Government-wide plan for maximum impact.

·         Provide participants a framework to develop a robust metric plan.



January 26, 2012, 1:00-3:00pm


“Building a Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion” and “Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion”


Course Objectives:


·         Help participants develop a comprehensive and persuasive business case that can move leaders to improve diversity and inclusion.

·         Provide participants with Best Practice strategies from government, private, and non profit organizations.



Meeting Host:   BRUCE  STEWART

Instructions for Joining Instant Net Conference:

1.            Join the meeting now:

2.            Enter the required fields.

3.            Indicate that you have read the Privacy Policy.

4.            Click on Proceed.


Conference Call Number:

USA Toll Free Number : 877-973-5350

Participant Passcode: 3358497

Toll Free Help Desk# 1-800-857-8777 (open 24hrs)


Participation in the webinars is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Should you have any questions concerning the webinars, please contact Angela Porter at or (202) 606-0028.




2. As a second training opportunity, OPM will provide a 2 day workshop from February 1- 2, 2012.  The workshop will be conducted at the Department of Interior, South Interior Building, 1951 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC  (in the main auditorium) beginning at 8 AM on February 1, and concluding at 3 pm on February 2.  This workshop is designed for participants who desire a more in-depth and comprehensive exposure to the steps and actions Federal agencies need to take to receive an outstanding on their Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan review by OPM. The sessions for this workshop include:


·         The 3 Working Together: This training session will consist of a panel of Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources, and Equal Employment Opportunity practitioners highlighting strategies they have utilized to create highly effective relationships between Equal Employment Opportunity, Human Resources, and Diversity & Inclusion professionals.


·         Barrier Analysis: This session provides participants the tools to identify barriers that inhibit the potential of their respective employees.


·         Business Case Innovation: This session provides participants the knowledge to create a persuasive business case that compels leaders to support diversity and inclusion initiatives.


·         Strategic Plan Development: Participants will design and develop their respective D&I Strategic Plans in accordance with OPM guidance and recommendations.


·         Creating and Re-energizing D & I Councils: Participants will learn how to create enthusiastic D & I Councils to move their D & I initiatives forward.


·         Creating Metrics: Participants will learn how to create a measurement system that is aligned with the Government-wide D & I Strategic Plan and also capable of tracking the agency-specific plans.


·         Best Practices: Participants will be provided an opportunity to review and discuss a wide range of effective practices used by other organizations to achieve diversity and inclusion success.



Please RSVP for the 2 day workshop by January 24, 2012 by emailing Shani Jackson at or (202) 606-6415




We look forward to you and or your staff members attendance at the webinars and workshop.




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