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DEO 2008-05
Office of the Director
United States
Office of Personnel Management
Washington, DC 20415-1000


Michael W. Hager
Acting Director

End-to-End Hiring Roadmap
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This memorandum disseminates to agencies the End-to-End Hiring (E2E) Roadmap developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in partnership with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council Subcommittee for Hiring and Succession Planning.

The Roadmap focuses on the applicant’s experience as a key outcome of Federal hiring, ensuring they understand the hiring process, receive timely and clear communications to manage their expectations, and-once hired-are acculturated quickly into their new organizations and become productive members of the Federal workforce. The Roadmap describes how to integrate and streamline the five components of Federal hiring-workforce planning, recruitment, hiring process, security and suitability and orientation-and establishes Governmentwide measures for the effectiveness of Federal hiring. The End-to-End Hiring Roadmap is designed to transform competitive hiring for external applicants into a strategic relationship between hiring managers and human capital officials that enables agencies to attract, hire and retain top talent.

As an initial step, agencies are requested to establish their baselines against the Roadmap’s Governmentwide measures. From this baseline, agencies will conduct gap analyses and then set aggressive targets to establish the path for implementation. Agencies will report their baselines and one-year improvement targets in the 2008 Human Capital Management Report, which they will submit to OPM by December 15, 2008.

While the 80 calendar day (50 business day) standard - a key part of the Roadmap - establishes an ambitious target, OPM is committed to working with agencies to provide the training, resources and assistance necessary to implement this initiative. One of the critical parts of this initiative will require agencies to track and measure all associated actions. Therefore, we strongly encourage agencies to utilize the CHCO Council network to share any best practices, including automated tools that might be useful for implementing and tracking progress such as those included in USA Staffing on the End-to-End Roadmap. In the longer term, the 80/55 standard will be adjusted as agency best practices are implemented and automated tracking systems become routine.

I thank the members of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council Subcommittee for Hiring and Succession Planning for contributing their guidance, assistance and commitment to this effort, and to human resources personnel of thirteen agencies who participated in working groups, pilot programs, and commenting on earlier drafts of this document. I also appreciate the Partnership for Public Service, the Corporate Leadership Council, the Government Accountability Office, and Young Government Leaders for participating in the effort.

Questions about the Roadmap may be directed to your Human Capital Officer. I look forward to working with you as we transform Federal hiring to assure the best talent is on board to meet the Nation’s public service needs.


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