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2009 Effective Hiring Workshops

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Kevin E. Mahoney, Associate Director, HCLMSA
2009 Effective Hiring Workshops

The Government's ability to recruit and hire the best applicants from a rich and diverse talent pool is paramount in addressing critical challenges facing our country. To support agencies in meeting these challenges, we are pleased to announce the 2009 Call to Serve Initiative's Effective Hiring Workshop (EHW) Series.

The Call to Serve Initiative is jointly sponsored by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Partnership for Public Service (the Partnership). Its mission is to attract a new generation of talented people to Federal public service. Over 70 Federal agencies and 650 colleges and universities are currently members of this initiative .

This is the third year OPM and the Partnership have worked together in presenting the Effective Hiring Workshop Series. The workshops are intended for GS 13-15 level recruiters and HR practitioners who are responsible for building and administering recruitment programs. Attendees at these workshops will experience a blend of lectures, best-practice presentations, and small-group exercises geared towards enhancing agency recruitment programs and hiring processes.

This year's workshops are also designed to complement OPM's and the Chief Human Capital Officers Council's End-to-End Hiring Initiative. This initiative focuses on how best to attract and recruit top talent to the Federal Government. With this in mind, and after consulting with Federal HR practitioners, we are planning the following workshops for 2009:

  • Capitalizing on Student Intern Programs (April 23)
  • Branding Your Agency: Understanding Student Expectations and How Your Agency Can Meet Them (May 18)
  • Recruiting for Talent in Mission Critical Occupations (July 16)
  • Using New Technologies for Federal Recruiting (September 17)
  • End-to-End Hiring Initiative - 1st Year Progress and 2nd Year Expectations (November 3)

Please email the contact information for the person in your agency who should receive invitations to these workshops to Dave Herman at An invitation to each workshop will be emailed to your agency's contact approximately three weeks in advance.

Since it's beginning in 2001, the Call to Serve Initiative has become an effective way for Federal agencies to share recruiting successes and lessons learned. The 2009 workshops build on your agency's feedback from previous workshops and are being developed to give your agency the recruiting tools to successfully recruit needed talent. I appreciate your agency's support for these workshops.

For additional information about the Effective Hiring Workshops, please contact either Mr. Herman or the Partnership's Vice-President for Education and Outreach, Mr. Tim McManus, at We look forward to your participation in these workshops and are counting on your leadership in this important endeavor!

Cc: Human Resources Directors