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2015 Update - Revising the Human Capital, Reviews, and Reporting Framework

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
2015 Update - Revising the Human Capital, Reviews, and Reporting Framework

On May 13, 2014, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued an update on efforts being taken to focus human resources planning, reporting, and management to improve Federal agency performance and productivity.  This memorandum outlines the current status of these efforts including pending regulatory changes, HRStat, and Human Capital Reporting consolidation.


Update:  Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 250 

Proposed changes to 5 CFR Part 250, which directs Federal strategic human capital planning and implementation, will soon enter into the Federal Register Rulemaking Process.  Once OPM concludes its review of the Proposed Rule, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will conduct an additional review during which agencies may receive a request from OMB to comment upon the proposed revisions to current regulations.  During this process, OPM is typically asked to address interagency comments, and OMB assesses whether the responses adequately resolve issues.  At that point, OPM will publish the Proposed Rule in the Federal Register for a public comment period.  OPM will prepare responses to any comments received during this period and make any changes to the final regulation that it deems appropriate, in light of these comments, after which the Final Rule will be submitted to OMB for final review, and, once approved, posted in the Federal Register.


Update:  Data-Driven Performance Reviews

The Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act requires that the Chief Operating Officer (COO), with support from the Performance Improvement Officer (PIO), conduct quarterly, data-driven reviews of agency performance.  To assure that human capital is fully integrated into these reviews, Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) should participate in quarterly reviews of agency priorities and other performance goals.  Additionally, CHCOs should conduct quarterly HRStat reviews, with the participation of the COO and PIO, of agency progress against key human capital goals and targets.  These HRStat sessions should also enable an in-depth analysis of human capital goals that are integral to the COO’s quarterly performance reviews.


Going forward, OPM, in conjunction with the CHCO Council, will continue efforts to institutionalize HRStat through coordination with other initiatives and facilitation of HRStat Community of Practice (CoP) activities.  Agencies participated in a metric collection exercise which will contribute to the expansion of the Dashboard.  Additionally, in support of Employee Engagement efforts led by the President’s Management Council, all agencies were required to include employee engagement indicators within their HRStat reviews.  Lastly, the HRStat CoP is currently developing an HRStat maturity model, tools and training repository, and Governmentwide implementation guidance, which are anticipated to be published in FY 2016.


Update:  Modernizing and Reducing Human Capital Reporting 

The President’s Executive Order 13583 on establishing a coordinated Governmentwide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion directed OPM to “review applicable directives to agencies related to the development or submission of agency human capital and other workforce plans and reports in connection with recruitment, hiring, promotion, retention, professional development, and training policies and practices, and develop a strategy for consolidating such agency plans and reports where appropriate and permitted by law....”


In response, OPM conducted a comprehensive review to identify data from reports proposed for elimination while determining the Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) system’s ability to automatically capture reliable and valid data provided in existing reports.  In April 2013, OPM introduced the list of 12 reports proposed for elimination.  Attachment A provides an updated status of these reports and identifies the reporting requirements that have been eliminated or consolidated, are still under review for discontinuation, or will continue to be reported.


To ensure the successful consolidation of reporting requirements, agencies must continue to actively participate in assuring EHRI produces complete, accurate, reliable, and valid data that that Federal human capital community can use to analyze, plan, and support the Federal workforce.  The EHRI system will serve as a key tool for OPM to produce timely and accurate data for required reports.


In addition, OPM authored the Human Resources Management Reporting Requirements regulation.  The Final Rule was published in the Federal Register on December 4, 2015 and applies to 5 CFR Parts 337, 576, 792, 831, and 842.  The regulation allows agencies to focus on driving agency performance while reducing current HR reporting requirements.    We will continue working to establish a comprehensive and integrated Governmentwide approach for data collection and analysis in support of our efforts to reduce/eliminate duplication where warranted.


Attachments:  Report Consolidation Matrix, and Frequently Asked Questions (see PDFs below)