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Friday, March 4, 2016
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies

For over a decade the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) has provided Federal employees with the opportunity to provide feedback on their jobs, their supervisors, and their senior leaders. While survey results have varied from year to year, the strength of the FEVS continues to be the consistent, reliable and actionable information it provides the Federal government, each agency, and lower level offices within each organization.

The importance of developing and sustaining an engaged, innovative, and productive Federal Workforce is a shared priority of all agencies as recognized in one key objective of the People and Culture Cross Agency Priority (CAP) Goal of the President’s Management Agenda. Critical to the success of the 2016 FEVS is the visible support of each agency’s senior leadership. That success starts with you and your leadership team. Your collective efforts in conveying to each and every employee the importance of their feedback to you, and how it will drive improvements in your agency, is the first step towards obtaining effective and meaningful FEVS results.  Please encourage your agency’s leaders and managers to continue leveraging Unlocking Federal Talent ( to better understand their workforce through their data, in order to create the most effective engagement programs for their employees.

I urge you to highlight past actions taken as a result of the FEVS in your communication efforts.  The best way to increase your agency’s response rate for this year is to showcase to employees what you have done with the FEVS results in the past.

This year’s survey will be provided to agencies in two waves beginning at the end of April.  Each agency’s survey will be open for six weeks, with the last surveys closing in mid-June.  Result reports will be provided on a rolling basis starting in August, 2016. 

I am fully committed to the success of the 2016 FEVS, as I am sure you are too.  The valuable information it provides to help with the important work your agency does for the American people should not be overlooked.

Again, thank you for your support with this effort and for what you do every day.  If you have any questions about the upcoming survey, please contact Dr. Kim Wells, Survey Analysis Manager, at or 202-606-9088.