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2018 Federal Workforce Priorities Report

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
2018 Federal Workforce Priorities Report

I am pleased to announce the publication of the 2018 Federal Workforce Priorities Report—the first of its kind—in accordance with the revised Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 250 subpart B, effective April 2017.  The report identifies six Government-wide priorities, outlines the supporting research and information considered in their selection, and provides pertinent promising practices from agencies.  The priorities, designed to support the Administration’s initiatives to reshape the workforce and maximize employee performance, are as follows:

  •          Priority 1: Succession Planning and Knowledge Transfer.  Conduct succession planning activities to retain and transfer institutional knowledge, as workforce reshaping efforts are undertaken.
  •          Priority 2: Deploying Communication Tools.  Adopt tools that allow employees to easily connect, communicate, and collaborate with one another regardless of geographic location.
  •          Priority 3: Securing Technological Solutions for Human Capital Analysis.  OPM will seek to acquire or develop enterprise technological solutions to assist the Federal human capital community with human capital analysis.
  •         Priority 4: Expanding Employee Development Opportunities.  Provide employees with ample opportunities for continuous professional growth and skill development.
  •          Priority 5: Bolstering Employee Recognition Programs.  Administer robust programs to appropriately recognize and reward employees who demonstrate high levels of performance and significantly contribute to achieving organizational goals.
  •          Priority 6: Enhancing Productivity through a Focus on Employee Health.  Encourage employees to engage in physical fitness activities during time spent commuting and being at work. 

Chief Financial Officers Act agencies are asked to select two priorities that they will continue to support until the issuance of the next report in 2021 and have already begun to include supporting activities in their draft Human Capital Operating Plans. 

The full report and highlighted information is available online at  You may address questions to Valerie Revelez ( 


CC: Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs), and Deputy CHCOs