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Agency Telework Survey

Friday, November 1, 2002
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Kay Coles James, Director
Agency Telework Survey

This memorandum transmits the fiscal year 2002 telework survey. Section 359 of Public Law 106-346 requires each Executive agency to establish a policy under which eligible employees may participate in telework to the maximum extent possible without diminished employee performance. The goal of the legislation is that by the year 2004, 100 percent of employees who are eligible to telework have the opportunity to do so. In order to track the progress agencies are making toward that goal, we are issuing a survey to capture the most current data. The November 2001 survey showed that the number of teleworkers increased nearly 40 percent from the survey of April 2001. While the increase in participation is noteworthy it revealed that only 4.2 percent of the Federal workforce is teleworking.

The human capital challenges we face require that we utilize all available tools to meet performance goals. Telework is increasingly recognized as an effective human capital management tool with a proven track record of increasing employee productivity, attracting and retaining high performers, and helping employees balance competing work and family obligations. Our visits to agencies reveal that progress is being made to establish telework policies and increase participation. Yet we also find that a lack of support by middle managers and first-line supervisors is a common barrier to making significant progress and meeting the legislative mandate. To help overcome this barrier, we suggest the designation of an agency "executive telework champion" to foster a better understanding among managers and supervisors of telework's business benefits. Utilizing all available human capital tools, to include telework, can have a substantial impact on improving organizational performance. An executive, who supports telework and understands the linkage between telework and the organization's bottom line, can assist managers to overcome their concerns and increase program support and actual participation.

Attached is our telework survey for fiscal year 2002.As before, we will report the status of each agency's implementation of the telework program to Members of Congress and post the results on our telework website. Your agency's completed survey is due to OPM no later than December 6, 2002. I have attached a paper copy of the survey for your information; however, we are sending the survey and collecting the data survey electronically. The survey can be accessed and submitted via the internet at the Web address Questions may be addressed to Jennifer M. Hirschmann, Office of Work/Life Programs at or (202) 606-3711.

Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to working with your agency in the coming months on your telework initiative. The staff of the Office of Work/Life Programs is available to provide assistance to agencies on telework. They may be contacted at (202) 606-5520 or

cc: Human Resources Directors