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Blacks in Government's Annual Training Conference

Friday, June 6, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Kay Coles James, Director
Blacks in Government's Annual Training Conference

In response to President George W. Bush's call to create a culture of excellence in the Federal Civil Service, I ask each of you to do all that you can to give every citizen the opportunity to compete for positions to serve our Nation.

As a part of this effort to recruit and train for excellence, I am urging you to attend this year's Blacks in Government (BIG) 25th Annual Training Conference in Denver, Colorado, from August 25-29, 2003. This year's theme is Achieving Excellence Through Professional Development.

Conference workshops will feature noted lecturers, elected officials, national leaders, and policy makers; topics covered will include information technology, communication skills, career development, personal performance and productivity, management and leadership skills, and Equal Employment Opportunity and human resource management.

Because the BIG training conference is widely recognized as one of the most unique and effective training experiences available to government employees, OPM strongly supports BIG's efforts and sees the conference as a mechanism to meet the training and recruitment needs of the Federal workforce.

I am confident that the conference will provide its participants the very important opportunity to learn new skills, strengthen existing relationships, and promote excellence.

If you or your staff has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jacob Lozada at 202-606-6500.

cc: Director of Human Resources and Equal Employment Opportunity