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CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 03/04/2011

Friday, March 4, 2011
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Kathryn M. Medina, Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officer Council
CHCO Council Bulletin for Week Ending 03/04/2011



Bulletin Announcements for week ending March 4, 2011


CALENDAR UPDATES – All Calendar Items can be found on


NEXT Full Council Meeting
March 8th (10am-12pm)
Executive Conference Room, 5TH Floor, OPM

NEXT Deputy CHCO Meeting
March 24th (10am-12pm)
Pendleton Room, 5TH Floor, OPM


ANNOUNCEMENTS/MEMOS – Attention: These Memos May Contain Action Items and/or Deadlines. PLEASE READ!!


New Due Date for Submission of Agency Plans for Increasing Employment of People with Disabilities - April 11th, 2011

Click Here to read Memo from Deputy Director, Christine Griffin

Incase You Missed It: The following Memos were issued by OPM this week:


Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government 2011 National Training Conference
National Coalition for Equity in Public Service Diversity Conference
Recent Pay-Related Legislative Changes
Update to the Washington DC Area Dismissal and Closure Procedures
Request for Data on FY 2010 Physicians' Comparability Allowance Payments


Presidential Management Fellows Program

What it means to be a PMF and what is expected of them? 

Find out in the videos Presidential Management Fellows Gettysburg and Being a PMFwhich also feature agencies including:

       US Customs and Border Protection
       US Department of State
       US Department of Agriculture
       US Department of Homeland Security
       Department of Defense
       National Institutes of Health




Visit the premier federal resource for HR training at:

Read the Press Release HERE.



JOB POSTINGS – Agencies can send Job Announcements for HR/SES Positions – Send to




OTHER News & Events


THE CHCO COUNCIL is always seeking qualified detailees to help support the Council’s wide range of projects, priorities and goals.

A detail with the Council offers a unique developmental opportunity to support the members as they work together toward common government-wide HR solutions. The ideal candidate is outgoing and self-motivated, and must be able to handle competing priorities and deadlines in a responsible and efficient manner.  CHCOs and Deputies are asked to nominate GS-9 through GS-12 candidates for a 3-6 month detail opportunity at OPM.  Please contact Kathryn Medina for more information or to obtain a PD (



The CHCO bulletin is the primary means of disseminating pertinent and timely information to CHCOs on a wide range of Human Capital issues. The consolidated nature of this bulletin is meant to reduce the e-mail flow and streamline key communications.

Each agency should ensure they are getting all information contained in the weekly bulletin. 
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions on the bulletin or its contents, please feel free to contact me directly at