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CHCO Council Strategic Goals 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010
Other Stakeholders
Kathryn M. Medina,Executive Director, Chief Human Capital Officer Council
CHCO Council Strategic Goals 2010

The following strategic goals for Fiscal Year 2010 have been adopted by consensus of the Council at its March 9, 2010 Full Council meeting. These goals reflect the Council’s mission and charter as well as OPM’s strategic priorities. They demonstrate the Council’s commitment to Partner with OPM in the implementation of its goals, broadly and specifically with regards to Veterans, Hiring Reform, Labor-Management Relations, and Diversity

This Strategic Goal outline will also provide a basis for the Council’s Annual Report to Congress, and will be used later in the year in planning the Council’s 2011 Strategic Goals.

The Goal descriptions below will be modified to detail specific objectives and action items that support the successful implementation of each Goal.

Goal I: The Council will support OPM’s strategic goals of Hiring the Best and Respecting the Workforce, by playing a critical role in the implementation of Veterans Employment, Hiring Reform, Labor-Management Relations, and Diversity.

Goal II: The Council will support and sponsor continued development and implementation of Government-wide HR tools to improve the selection, assessment, and development of the Federal HR profession.  

Goal III: The Council will continue to lead and inform the dialog on critical and emerging Federal Human Resource issues, and will create a structured framework for raising and discussing issues, as well as developing and implementing measurable solutions.