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Chief Human Capital Officers Council Applicant and Management Satisfaction Survey

Friday, December 5, 2008
Chief Human Capital Officers
Michael W. Hager, Acting Director
Chief Human Capital Officers Council Applicant and Management Satisfaction Survey

I am pleased to announce the Office of Personnel Management recently released the new Applicant and Management Satisfaction Surveys, developed in partnership with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council. These surveys are designed to support the Governmentwide effort to improve the Federal hiring process.

The Management Satisfaction Survey has been revised to reflect feedback and input from Federal agencies. This survey continues to measure hiring managers’ satisfaction with the job announcement, applicant quality and quantity, and hiring flexibilities available to obtain the candidate of choice. Specific questions have been revised regarding the use of hiring flexibilities and additional questions have been added to help agencies better understand the manager’s interaction with HR during the hiring process. The procedures for completing the survey have remained the same. Each time your agency’s hiring officials complete action on a hiring certificate, they will be asked to complete this brief survey online.

The new Applicant Satisfaction Survey will gauge applicants’ satisfaction with the Federal hiring process. This survey is also based on criteria developed by the CHCO Council. The Applicant Survey will be administered to “completers” - those applicants who complete the application process – and “abandoners” – those applicants who do not complete the application process. The survey targets applicant satisfaction with the job announcement itself, the overall satisfaction with applying for a federal job, and the clarity of requirements.

Additionally, a follow-up applicant survey has been developed to help agencies determine an applicant’s satisfaction throughout the hiring process. This survey will be sent to those applicants who have volunteered to supply their e-mail address and take part in a follow-up survey. This survey will focus on what has happened since the application was submitted. Questions on this survey will center on communication/notification, the overall hiring experience, and timeliness approximately 80 days after completing the initial survey.

OPM will compile the survey data collected and prepare quarterly and annual individual agency and Governmentwide reports to support your analysis and decision-making to improve the Federal hiring process.

If you have any questions about the CHCO Council Applicant and Manager Surveys, please contact Jason Barke at (202) 606-7994 or