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Closing Skills Gaps: Strategy, Reporting and Monitoring

Friday, April 15, 2016
Closing Skills Gaps: Strategy, Reporting and Monitoring

The U.S.Office of Personnel Management (OPM), in partnership with the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council, recently revalidated the need to continue working to close skills gaps within the following Governmentwide high-risk mission critical occupations (MCO):  (0110) Economist, (0201) HR Specialist, (0511) Auditor, (1102) Acquisition, Cybersecurity and the STEM functional area.

An Occupational Leader (OL) representing each Governmentwide MCO will partner with a CHCO to develop a Governmentwide strategy to address the root causes for why an occupation has been deemed “at risk.”

In addition to the Governmentwide focus areas, each CHCO agency has identified their respective agency-specific medium/high-risk MCOs that they will address for skills gap closure. These MCOs differ from the Governmentwide MCOs as they are specific to the accomplishment of an individual agency’s mission.

Agencies will have specific criteria for monitoring and reporting on skills gap closure. This process and evaluation methodology will be as follows: 

Strategy and Monitoring:  

·         Appoint an agency lead who will be responsible for coordinating skills gap closure activities;
·         Identify root cause(s) for medium/high-risk MCOs;
·         Develop and submit a short term (4 year) and long term (10 year) strategy for closing skills gaps in those MCOs;
·         Develop and submit an action plan, targets and outcome-oriented metrics;
·         Implement the Governmentwide and agency-specific gap closure strategy(ies); and
·         Monitor progress on metrics for achieving desired goals through HRStat quarterly reviews. 

Reporting Requirements: 

·         Report on activities and milestones on agency-specific medium/high-risk MCOs on a quarterly basis to the CHCO Council Executive Steering Committee (ESC); and
·         Report annually on Governmentwide MCOs and on agency-specific MCOs through Time-to-Hire (T2H) Charts and MCO Resource Charts. 

OPM will provide guidance and tools on conducting root cause analysis, developing an action plan, setting targets and developing outcome-oriented metrics. Additionally, OPM will provide ongoing support in helping agencies achieve their skills gap closure objectives. 

If you or your staff have any questions or need assistance, please call or e-mail Shanaz Porter, at (202) 606-1005 or at 

cc:        Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers, and Human Resources Directors