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Delegated Examining Training

Thursday, October 4, 2001
MSG 2001-080a
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
Delegated Examining Training

In a continuing effort to enhance the Delegated Examining Training administered by the Office of Personnel Management, we are launching a new approach targeted at meeting the needs of Federal agencies in terms of successfully performing competitive examining work under delegated examining authority.

Beginning October 2001, Delegated Examining Training will be offered at Employment Service locations nationwide. This approach will provide a streamlined process that will offer greater accessibility to this training, as well as maximize the ability to train a greater number of agency representatives on a monthly basis. Agencies will now have the flexibility of selecting the location and schedule that meets their needs, yet consistently receive the high quality training that we have provided in the past. Agencies are encouraged to attend the training offered based upon the schedule provided. If special training becomes necessary to meet an agency's needs, we are prepared to provide this training on a reimbursable basis. Additional information regarding these rates is available by contacting your local Service Center or Customer Service Office or visiting

In the next several weeks, we will feature on our website, the attached training curriculum for
FY 2002, along with specific location and contact information. Agencies will have the ability to contact a representative at the desired location directly, to register for future training sessions.

We are excited about this concept and look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the examining program.

10/01 Atlanta, GA Atlanta
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia
Washington, DC Washington
11/01 Huntsville, AL Atlanta
TBA Chicago
TBA Raleigh
San Antonio, TX San Francisco
12/01 Kansas City, KS Atlanta
Washington, DC Washington
1/02 Memphis, TN Atlanta
2/02 Miami, FL Atlanta
Washington, DC Washington
3/02 Dallas, TX San Francisco
Honolulu, HI San Francisco
St. Louis, MO Atlanta
4/02 Gulfport, MS Atlanta
San Francisco, CA San Francisco
Washington, DC Washington
5/02 Kansas City, KS Atlanta
Indianapolis, IN Philadelphia
New York, NY Philadelphia
6/02 Atlanta, GA Atlanta
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia
Washington, DC Washington
7/02 Atlanta, GA Atlanta
Oklahoma City, OK San Francisco
Seattle, WA San Francisco
8/02 Anchorage, AK San Francisco
Miami, FL Atlanta
Washington, DC Washington
9/02 St. Louis, MO Atlanta