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Employee Engagement Toolkit for Supervisors

Monday, October 21, 2019
Employee Engagement Toolkit for Supervisors

I am pleased to present the Employee Engagement Toolkit for Supervisors developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). This toolkit provides step-by-step guidance to easily assist work unit supervisors in understanding OPM’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results. Additionally, this toolkit provides best practices to assist supervisors with leading meaningful change toward improving engagement among workforce members. OPM acknowledges the critical role that supervisors play in driving engagement and fostering a supportive workplace. The intent of this toolkit is to empower supervisors at every level to develop comprehensive strategies to improve the work related experiences of employees.


OPM remains committed to providing resources in response to the President’s Management Agenda to support agencies governmentwide to actively manage the workforce through improved employee engagement. The Employee Engagement Toolkit for Supervisors will support agencies in meeting their mission, delivering excellent service to the public, and ensuring effective stewardship.


Effectively creating engagement action plans and carrying out intended steps can be challenging.  Assessing improvement over time and adjusting in response to assessments has proven to be particularly tough for agencies. This toolkit will assist supervisors in these pursuits by covering four broad content categories, including:

  1. Review Survey Results to Gain Insights - provides an outlined process and tools to help supervisors develop a solid understanding of their organization’s FEVS results;
  2. Share Survey Results and Solicit Input - provides tips to share FEVS results with the team and solicit their input;
  3. A Simple Approach to Action - provides a simple step-by-step approach to taking action on FEVS results; and
  4. Leadership for Engagement - provides supervisor behaviors that can help increase employees’ satisfaction and engagement at work and build a strong organizational climate.

These resources can also serve as an aid to leaders in educating staff members on how they can play an instrumental role in the process.  The tips and tools presented will serve useful for managers that are seasoned in the activities addressed, as well as for those who are newly responsible for leading the process for their work group.

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