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Federally Employed Women 34th National Training Program

Friday, April 18, 2003
Directors Of Human Resources And Equal Employment Opportunity
Ellen E. Tunstall, Deputy Associate Director for Talent and Capacity Policy
Federally Employed Women 34th National Training Program

Federally Employed Women, Inc. (FEW) will hold its 34th National Training Program (NTP) in Chicago, Illinois, July 7-11, 2003. This year's NTP theme is "Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today."

A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, FEW is the only national entity representing the needs and concerns of female Federal employees throughout the United States and abroad. FEW's purpose is to support the advancement of women, enhance the potential of women in government, and end gender discrimination in Federal service.

The 2003 NTP curriculum provides leadership training including:

  • Information Technology and Desktop Computer Skills,
  • EEO, Diversity and Human Resource Issues,
  • Government Initiatives and Current Topics,
  • Work, Family and Health,
  • FEW and Women's Issues,
  • Federal Management Issues,
  • Professional Communication Topics,
  • Federal Procurement and Contracting, and
  • Leadership and Change Management

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management supports the efforts of Federally Employed Women and considers the conference to be a viable training tool and career development resource. To obtain additional information, please contact the NTP Hotline at 303-825-1177 or visit the 2003 NTP web site at: