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Final Regulations on Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual

Monday, September 18, 2006
CPM 2006-09
NANCY H. KICHAK Associate Director Strategic Human Resources Policy
Final Regulations on Creditable Service for Annual Leave Accrual

I am pleased to inform you that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has issued final regulations to provide Federal agencies with the authority to grant a newly-appointed or reappointed employee credit for prior work experience that otherwise would not be creditable for the purpose of determining his or her annual leave accrual rate (copy attached).

An agency may grant service credit for prior non-Federal work experience or for active duty uniformed service for an employee who received an honorable discharge. An employee may receive credit if the experience was obtained in a position having duties that directly relate to the duties of the position to which the employee is being appointed and if it is determined by the head of the agency that the use of this authority is necessary to recruit an individual with the skills and experience necessary to achieve an important agency mission or performance goal.

For further information, you may contact your agency's assigned OPM Human Capital Officers. Employees should contact their agency human resources offices for assistance.

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