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GovConnect EXPO Follow-up: Identifying Volunteer Pilot Agencies

Monday, April 7, 2014
Other Stakeholders
Katherine Archuleta Director
GovConnect EXPO Follow-up: Identifying Volunteer Pilot Agencies

This memorandum serves as a formal call for participation in the GovConnect initiative, which launched at the March 7, 2014, President’s Management Council meeting.  Co-led by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), GovConnect is one of three initiatives under the Engagement Sub-Goal of the President’s Second Term Management Agenda’s People and Culture Goal.  The Engagement Sub-Goal overall is co-led by OPM and the Department of Treasury.

The goal of GovConnect is to create a culture of excellence based on collaboration and teamwork that responds to mission demands without being unnecessarily limited by organizational silos.  GovConnect will do this by implementing a new model of a mobile, agile, innovative and skilled Federal workforce.  To effect this fundamental change in how the Government develops and maximizes the potential of the Federal workforce, we need senior level champions and sustained senior leadership to provide visible support for the initiative.  These leaders will also play a key role in securing buy-in from key stakeholders such as unions and front-line supervisors at agency headquarters and regional offices.

Attached to this memo are four key documents to support this call for participants:

Attachment 1 introduces the key objectives and planned method to design GovConnect through agency and stakeholder collaboration as a part of the President’s Second Term Management Agenda.  It also describes the principles behind the three potential models (GovProject, GovStart and GovCloud) and the concepts to be tested for GovConnect;

Attachment 2 asks agencies to send information on any similar relevant initiatives that they have launched or piloted in their agencies;

Attachment 3 provides the expressions of interest gathered from agencies at GovConnect’s initial launch at the President’s Management Agenda meeting on March 7, 2014; and

Attachment 4 provides details on the GovConnect pilot application process, agency selection and orientation.

OPM and EPA are looking forward to the involvement and participation of our sister agencies in this exciting and collaborative initiative. If you have any questions, please contact the GovConnect Team at We will look forward to receiving your applications (please send a completed Attachment 4 to by Monday, April 14, 2014).

cc:   Nani Coloretti, Assistant Secretary for Management, US Department of Treasury
        Robert Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator, EPA
        Chief Human Capital Officers
        Chief Information Officers
        Performance Improvement Officers