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Governmentwide Merit System Principles Survey Distribution

Tuesday, April 3, 2001
Human Resources Directors
Anna Marie Schuh, Acting Associate Director, Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness
Governmentwide Merit System Principles Survey Distribution

Each year we ask a small random sample of employees Governmentwide to complete our Merit System Principles Questionnaire (MSPQ). We designed the questionnaire, now in its fifth year, to measure how well Federal agencies manage their human resources with respect to the Merit System Principles. As in past years, we will share the results with you.

We need your assistance in distributing the questionnaire. We are preparing the employee sample (approximately 4,000 employees) from the Central Personnel Data File, identifying employees by Personnel Office Indicator (POI), social security number (SSN), agency/subelement and duty station. Our contractor will package the questionnaires by agency POI and forward them to the POI contacts, in early June, for addressing and distribution. We will ask the POI contacts to label the questionnaires for delivery directly to employees. We would greatly appreciate it if you would encourage your POI contacts to support the process.

Some agencies have requested an alternative to our using the POI contact for distributing the questionnaires. We can send your agency an electronic file containing the names of your employees in the sample, ask you to add address information (for work or home), and forward the combined file to our contractor by May 11. We are open to other suggestions, including administering the questionnaire electronically.

Please let Phil Sagal of our Program Analysis Division know by April 13 whether you want us to send the questionnaires to your POI contacts, send you an electronic file for adding addresses and forwarding to the contractor or offer some other alternative. You or your staff may contact Phil by telephone (202-606-1431) or E-mail (

We realize the burden that we may be imposing on you to distribute the questionnaire. However, administering the MSPQ plays an important role in our ability to identify best practices and needed improvements in the human resources management policies and procedures conducted in support of the Merit System Principles.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.