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Information Request for Human Resources Management Competency Model

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Information Request for Human Resources Management Competency Model

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is leading the effort to address skills gaps for governmentwide mission critical occupations, including the Human Resources Management occupation.  Strategic Human Capital has been on the Government Accountability Office’s High-Risk List since 2001.  With the support and governance of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council, the Human Resources (HR) Capabilities Executive Steering Committee identified technical competency validation as a priority for the skills gap closure effort.  In support of this priority, OPM is conducting a governmentwide survey of Federal HR experts to update the competency model for the Human Resources Management, GS-0201 series.  The results of the survey will aid OPM and the HR Capabilities Executive Steering Committee in identifying the critical elements of success for the HR Management workforce, ensuring classification, selection, development, and performance management programs are based on a valid framework.  Additionally, this effort supports the President’s Management Agenda Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal 3 in developing a workforce for the 21st century. 


We are requesting your agency’s assistance in helping to close skills gaps for Strategic Human Capital in the 21st century.  We are seeking your agency’s point of contact for this effort as well as the email addresses of your agency’s HR employees.  The HR employees must be classified in the 0201 series at the GS-05 through GS-15 or equivalent grade levels.  They may include HR Specialists, HR Generalists, and other HR areas not specified.


Please provide the following information to by August 9, 2019: 

  1.  Agency point of contact, and
  2.  Excel spreadsheet with the email addresses of your agency’s employees in the Human Resources Management, 0201 series at the GS-05 through GS-15 or equivalent grade levels.  

We plan to survey the Human Resources Management workforce in summer 2019.  All information collected will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act.  In any public release of survey results, no data will be disclosed that could be used to identify specific individuals.  OPM staff who are involved in collecting or preparing the information for analysis and have access to completed surveys will be required to treat it confidentially.  The information will be analyzed and reported for the group of employees who respond and for certain subgroups.  Agencies will not receive data by subgroups that could be used to identify a specific individual or a person’s specific response to a survey question.


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions about the Human Resources Management technical competency validation, please contact Aron Thune at (202) 606-7001 or email


CC: Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) and Deputy CHCOs