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Issuance of New Senior Executive Service Onboarding Survey

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Issuance of New Senior Executive Service Onboarding Survey

I am pleased to announce the issuance of a new web-based Annual Senior Executive Service (SES) Onboarding Survey, developed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) with expertise and collaboration from the Chief Human Capital Officers Council, Senior Executives Association, Partnership for Public Service, National Academy of Public Administration, and current SES members.  The survey supports the President’s Management Agenda “People and Culture” SES initiative as well as the December 15, 2015 Executive Order on “Strengthening the Senior Executive Service.”  The survey will enable OPM and Federal agencies to obtain helpful data informing the continual improvement of SES hiring and development, and to support the implementation of SES onboarding programs required by the Executive Order.


Initially, this survey will be administered to SES members who onboarded within the past two years (including individuals newly-appointed to the SES as well as individuals appointed to SES positions from other agencies), to establish baseline data.  Following this initial survey launch, Federal agencies will regularly administer the survey to all future SES members appointed to their agencies.  The survey will specifically obtain information on:  (1) each senior executive’s onboarding experience through the first year of their appointment, and (2) the background of each senior executive, including their prior experience, origination (e.g., Federal or private sector), and development preparing them for appointment to the SES.

OPM will notify agency Executive Resources staff several weeks in advance of the survey deployment, and will then send the survey directly to new SES members via email.  OPM will regularly share the results of this data collection with agencies and will work with agencies to continue monitoring and improving hiring and onboarding programs.  If you have any questions about the survey, please have your staff contact Stephen Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Senior Executive Services and Performance Management, or Julie Brill, Manager, Work-Life & Leadership and Executive Development, by telephone at (202) 606-8046.

cc:   Chief Human Capital Officers, Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers, and Human Resources Directors 

Attachment:  OPM SES Onboarding Survey (See 508-compliant PDF below)