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Launch of the Governmentwide SES Situational Mentoring Program

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Chief Human Capital Officers
Katherine Archuleta Director
Launch of the Governmentwide SES Situational Mentoring Program

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Governmentwide Situational Mentoring Program for Senior Executives.  Situational mentoring involves short term discussions where executives have the benefit of obtaining valuable ideas and guidance on high-impact issues, problems, challenges or opportunities.  This new governmentwide program will provide Federal executives – particularly those who are new to the Senior Executive Service or transitioning to different roles – with timely advice and support from experienced executive mentors across Government who can commit to short-term assistance.  Through this program, executives will be able to easily connect to mentors across agencies through a new Situational Mentoring portal hosted on OMB’s MAX site.

OPM developed this program for cross-governmental use as part of the President’s Management Agenda’s (PMA) goal to “Build a World-Class Federal Management Team Starting with the Senior Executive Service (SES)” and to facilitate executives’ sharing of critical knowledge and expertise.  The Situational Mentoring program will benefit mentors and mentees by greatly expanding networks and increasing collaboration across agency lines.  The program also will provide an important value to Federal agencies by enhancing the Federal Government’s executive capacity through enterprise coordination, collaboration, information-sharing, and knowledge management.

SES members interested in serving as situational mentors or obtaining more information on this program should contact their agency Executive Resources office or correspond by email to  Additionally, information may also be obtained by contacting the following individuals by e-mail or telephone:  Julie Brill (, (202) 606-5067); Cheryl Ndunguru (, (202) 606-4063); or Yadira Guerrero (, (202) 606-7954).

cc:  Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Offices of Diversity of Inclusion