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National Career Services Conference

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
National Career Services Conference

I am writing to invite you to participate in the 2nd National Career Services Conference (NCSC) on May 5-6, 2003 at the University of Maryland University College, College Park , MD. This conference is an important part of the "A Call to Serve" initiative being jointly sponsored by OPM, the Partnership for Public Service and founding member Federal agencies. The NCSC reflects OPM Director James' commitment to reinvigorate the Federal Government by attracting talented new employees into public service.

The first NCSC was held in September, 2001 and brought together 21 Federal agencies and over 200 college and university career services staff. Your participation made it successful in accomplishing its goal of re-establishing the relationship between Federal agencies and the schools they recruit for your future workforce. Our goal for the 2nd NCSC is to build on this success by attracting 300 to 400 career services staff from campuses nationwide. I'm asking that your agency support both the "A Call to Serve" initiative in general and this conference in particular. Attached is the current roster of "A Call to Serve" Federal agency representatives. Please check it to ensure that your agency is participating in this important initiative.

The 2nd NCSC will be paid for in the same way as the 1st conference. All participating agencies would pay a nominal sponsorship fee based on their size. This fee will cover the cost of conference registrations for their staff, an agency exhibit booth and a concurrent agency presentation to conference attendees. Most importantly, this fee will promote career services staff attendance by enabling them to attend without paying an individual registration fee.

Please forward the name, phone number and email address of your agency's conference contact person to Dave Herman of my staff at 202-606-3736 or by Friday, November 1. Dave will then coordinate the first organizational meeting with your representative. The 2nd NCSC is a significant opportunity for your agency to network with hundreds of schools in just one location. Please join with us in this important conference.

Current Roster

Partnership for Public Service
Federal Agency Partners

Work Group Contact List

Organization Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
Overseas Private Investment Corporation Brittany A. Willging 202-336-8657
National Aeronautics and Space Admin Melissa Riesco 202-358-1518
Health and Human Services Dianne Thomas 202-690-6073
HHS Jason Barke 202-690-5626
Congressional Budget Office Nancy A. Fahey 202-226-2628
Library of Congress Michaline Dobrzeniecki 202-707-7191
Equal Employment Opportunity Comm Anthony Richardson 202-663-4319
Department of the Interior Mark Oliver 202-208-6403
Interior Jacqueline Griffin-Smith 202-208-6403
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Leonard Carsley 301-415-8588
Department of the Navy Vicki D. Lackey 202-764-0739
Department of Commerce Debby Hall 202-482-6187
Agency for International Development Shelia Tolliver 202-712-5615
U.S. Coast Guard Carl E. Dolder 202-493-1097
USCG Winston Casey 202-493-1105
Department of Agriculture Marilyn Jenkins 202-720-7168
USDA, Nat Resources Conserv Service B.J.Scruggs 202-720-6526
Office of Personnel Management Bonnie Maines 202-606-2141
OPM Dave Herman 202-606-3736
OPM Cheryl Thomas 202-606-1755
OPM Tina Strickland 202-606-1428
OPM Shirley Lynch 202-606-2456
OPM Judy McCoy 202-606-1000
Social Security Administration Fred Glueckstein 410-966-9958
Department of State Diane Castiglione 202-261-8897
State Nakita Smith 202-261-8846
Federal Communications Commission Diane Graham 202-418-7533
Defense Logistics Agency Mark Smith 703-767-8401
Federal Emergency Management Agency Laura Deskins 202-646-2868
FEMA Lucy Elkins 202-606-2868
FEMA Rashida Jackson 202-646-4529
Broadcasting Board of Governors Mike Conboy 202-619-3117
Department of Transportation Denise Schossler 202-366-9447
Department of Veterans Affairs Max Collier 202-273-9758
Department of the Treasury Barbara Richburg 202-622-4815
ATF Teresa Watts 202-927-8395
ATF Lynette Warren 202-927-4770
OCC Bonnie Russell 202-874-4060
BEP Veronica Shirley 202-874-2545
US Mint Kaarina Budlow 202-354-7948
IRS Kathryn Mercer 202-283-0753
IRS Julia Cronin 202-283-9098
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Mike Mrozowski 202-219-2586
Environmental Protection Agency Mary Free 202-564-7878
EPA Jeri McCann 202-564-7773
EPA Tanya Bailey 202-564-7776
Administrative Office of the US Courts Desiree Watkins 202-502-1705
Admin Ofc of the US Courts Cheri Thompson-Reid 202-502-3800
Department of Education Clarissa Lara 202-260-8267
Court Services & Offender Supervision Linda Mays 202-220-5613
CSOSA Maryam Muhammad 202-220-5765
CSOSA Anthony Mitchell 202-220-5765
General Accounting Office Madelyn Daniels 202-512-3429
GAO Sally Jaggar 202-512-6808
Immigration and Naturalization Service Julia Peeler 202-616-2447
General Services Administration Ginny Ward 202-501-1244
GSA John Shaw 312-886-3444
Federal Maritime Commission Hatsie Charbonneau 202-523-5773
National Endowment for the Humanities Timothy Connelly 202-606-8415
Securities and Exchange Commission Jill Kirson 202-942-4155
National Labor Relations Board Catherine McCoy 202-273-3900
NLRB Mona Segner 202-273-3988
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation David Barash 202-326-4110X317
U.S. Commission on Civil Rights George Harbison 202-376-8364
Commodity Futures Trading Comm. Mary Lincoln 202-418-5004
Department of Labor Jared Llorens 202-693-7727
DoLabor Sharon Ratliff-Gross 202-693-7736
Department of Energy Thomasina Mathews 202-586-3447
DoE Gerald Venanzi 202-586-0215
DoE Stephanie Diamond 202-586-8472
Department of Defense Jeanne N. Raymos 703-695-7901
DoD Sandy Chun 703-697-5783
DoD, CPMS Edward Capers, Jr. 703-696-6301 X 601
Dept of the Army Charles Caloia 703-325-0363
Dept of the Air Force Barbara Hayman 703-695-7381
Dept of the Air Force Denise Walker 703-695-7383
OSD/WHS Karen Nussbaum 703-617-7941
OSD/WHS Laura Devlin 703-617-7222
DoDIG Janice Obeido 703-602-4545
Defense Contract Audit Agency Donna Truesdell 703-767-1023
DCAA Marie Nazari 703-767-1042
DoDEA Leonard L. Bransford
DoDEA Diane Brundidge
Defense Security Service Gusta Kramme 703-325-6063
DSS Kim Ables 410-865-2565
Defense Threat Reduction Agency Edith Pearce 703-767-0156
Defense Contract Mgmt Agency Willie Foreman 703-428-1931
Missile Defense Agency Jerry Indrisano 703-697-6867

Federal Executive Boards
City Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
Minnesota Ray Morris 612-713-7200
Los Angeles Kathrene Hansen 562-980-3445
Boston Kim Ainsworth 617-565-6769
Baltimore Richard Howell 210-962-4047
Seattle Ann Tiernan 206-220-6171

Other Organizations
Organization Name Phone Number E-Mail Address
National Assoc of Colleges & Employers Nancy Mikkelsen 800-544-5272X148
Hispanic Assoc of Colleges & Universities William Gill 202-467-0893
Partnership for Public Service Caroline Chang 202-775-9111
PPS Joan Timoney 202-775-9111
PPS Max Stier 202-775-9111