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New Option for Filling Professional Entry-level Positions

Wednesday, February 16, 2000
MSG 2000-013
Human Resources Directors
MARY LOU LINDHOLM (…signed February 15, 2000 by Dick Whitford) ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR FOR EMPLOYMENT
New Option for Filling Professional Entry-level Positions

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality and availability of candidate assessment instruments, I am pleased to inform you of a new option to use in filling professional entry-level positions.

OPM is making available to agencies the tools we have developed to examine candidates for positions covered by the Luevano consent decree. By using the written test and/or rating schedule developed by OPM and approved under the Luevano consent decree, agencies will be able, for the first time, to examine for these positions competitively through their delegated examining units.

The use of these assessment instruments will be authorized as part of an agency's delegated examining agreement with OPM and will require a commitment not to modify the rating schedule or test, to provide appropriate test security, and to comply with the reporting requirements for both applicants and selections related to these positions. These conditions, and instructions on how to obtain the instruments, will be set forth in detail in the revised delegated examining agreement we will send you for approval in February. OPM technical experts will provide a general orientation session on how to administer and score these devices for agency headquarters staff. Both the examining material and the orientation will be provided at no cost to the agency.

The availability of this new option will not affect an agency's ability to use existing selection tools like the Outstanding Scholar program, or to enter into reimbursable agreements to have OPM administer and score these selection devices

I hope you share our enthusiasm in this effort. If we can be of assistance in this or any other area, I encourage you personally to contact Donna Gregory and her Nationwide Examining Policy staff at 202-606-0940, or DJGREGOR @OPM.GOV.