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Notice of Call for FY 1999 Awards Data

Tuesday, December 5, 2000
Human Resources Directors
Henry romero Associate Director for Workplace Compensation and Performance
Notice of Call for FY 1999 Awards Data

Please be advised that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued its formal call for agency awards data for FY 1999 for agencies with 500 or more employees on November 27, 2000. We forwarded the call to the Incentive Awards Administrators in those agencies, along with a copy of Achievements: A Report on the Federal Incentive Awards Program for Fiscal Year 1998.

As before, we are maintaining our policy of publishing only aggregate awards data that the agencies affirm. Consequently, this year we again offer agencies the choice to either (1) indicate on OPM Form 1465 (Incentive Awards Program Annual Report) that we may use the aggregate awards data for FY 1999 extracted from the Central Personnel Data File (CPDF), or (2) submit substitute aggregate awards data on that form. Regardless of the option chosen, we have asked that the agency head or a designee sign the OPM Form 1465 that the Incentive Awards Administrator prepares andreturn the form to OPM by January 16, 2001.

We have periodically received concerned calls from agency officials, after we publish the data, questioning the accuracy of their agency information and its source. The callers are always surprised to find out that the agency=s designated representative certified the data in question. So please, make sure that you are aware of the awards data that is being certified for your agency. If you have any questions about this reporting requirement, please contact Twanna Wiggins or Shari Sledd at (202) 606-2720.