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Number of Agency Details

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Marta Brito Perez, Associate Director for Human Capital Leadership and Merit Systems Accountability
Number of Agency Details

One of the key elements of human capital management involves strategic workforce planning and deployment. Agencies have a variety of options for meeting both short-term work demands and longer-term mission needs. One available short-term option is to detail an employee from one Federal agency to another (interagency details).

To further assist agencies, we must develop an accurate and complete picture of human capital deployment strategies. Data on interagency details are not currently available in governmentwide data systems, so we need your assistance to properly assess how interagency details are being used as part of workforce deployment strategies. You can provide this information by clicking on the special web link we created for this purpose:

Please provide this information, including any negative responses, by March 21, 2003.

If you have questions about this request, please call Amanda DeWitt at (202) 606-3753.

Thank you for your continued assistance in this effort.