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Office of Inspector General Senior Executive Service Appraisal Systems

Monday, December 1, 2008
Michael W. Hager, Acting Director
Office of Inspector General Senior Executive Service Appraisal Systems

The Inspector General Reform Act of 2008, Public Law 110-409, includes a provision that will affect your Senior Executive Service (SES) appraisal system approval and certification. Section 14 of the Act indicates that each Office of Inspector General (OIG) shall be considered a separate agency for provisions relating to the SES. As a result, OIGs will be expected to establish their own SES appraisal systems and obtain U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) approval and certification of those systems separately from the agency SES system. If an agencywide system certification currently includes your SES employees, they will continue to be covered by that certification until it expires. OIGs also will be reporting separately to OPM their SES ratings, pay, and awards data beginning with the 2009 data call.

OPM will be providing half-day workshops for OIGs on January 22 and January 26, 2009, on SES system approval and certification. The approval and certification process will be new to most of you since most of you have relied in the past on the agencies’ Executive Resources offices to submit SES appraisal system certification requests. These workshops will review requirements for system approval, review the system certification criteria, and provide guidance for submitting approval and certification requests to OPM. Attendees of these workshops should include OIG staff responsible for completing the approval and certification submissions. Additional information about registering for these workshops will be forthcoming.

We hope the transition implementing the Act will be collaborative and successful. If you have any questions about the SES appraisal system approval and certification process, please contact Karen Lebing of my staff at (202) 606-1633, or by email at

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