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OPM Contractor Support for Human Capital and Training

Tuesday, August 6, 2002
Human Resources Directors
Teresa M. Jenkins, Director, Office of Workforce Relations
OPM Contractor Support for Human Capital and Training

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offers a contract vehicle that provides strategic human resources management and training support to Government agencies in meeting human capital management initiatives. It is a source for Government agencies to access pre-qualified contractors who were selected for their ability to align human resources policies, programs, and processes with the agencies' missions and goals.

Through the contract, organizations can receive services in strategic planning, workforce planning and restructuring, succession management, e-learning, knowledge management, process improvement, and other human resources management areas. Organizations can also receive consulting and implementation support for their initiatives. The contract is managed through our Training and Management Assistance program. Over the years, a number of you have used the program to meet your performance needs.

As you address your human capital challenges and determine the need for contractor support, feel free to contact us to obtain more information about these services. You can reach Jen Setian or Tina Stephens at (202) 606-5256. You can also visit us on the Web at