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OPM Director's Award for Outstanding Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Kay Coles James, Director
OPM Director's Award for Outstanding Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

I am pleased to announce the opening of competition for the fourth annual OPM Director's Award for Outstanding Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Programs. There is no doubt that ADR is an important tool to effectively and efficiently manage human resources, helping us "get to green" on the President's Human Capital Scorecard.
As you may know, I strongly encourage the use of ADR to resolve workplace disputes rather than the lengthy and formal administrative procedures and litigation. ADR is less costly and results in a more positive long-term solution and improved morale and productivity. The Director's award provides an opportunity for you to showcase the benefits of union and employee participation in the development and administration of your ADR programs. Your shared positive experiences will encourage other agencies to establish ADR programs, and underscore the importance of union and employee involvement in the process.

In addition to the Director's Award for Outstanding ADR Programs, ADR programs can also be recognized in OPM's Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Resource Guide which is located on our web site at Among other things, the Guide provides information about ADR programs from across the country along with agency contacts. To add your ADR program to the Guide, contact OPM's Employee Relations Division.

I encourage you to review the attached materials on award program eligibility and selection criteria and then nominate any ADR programs that you believe are outstanding. Your nomination will contribute to the expansion of ADR and that leads to a more efficient Government. Good Government is what the President has promised the American people. Nominations are due by September 18, 2002 and questions on the award can be answered by Gary Wahlert of OPM's Employee Relations Division at (202) 606-2920 or email at

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