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Planning for Public Service Recognition Week

Wednesday, April 10, 2002
MSG 2002-026a
Human Resources Directors
Dan G. Blair, Deputy Director
Planning for Public Service Recognition Week

I am writing to you, as a valued and recognized leader in the Federal HR community, to encourage your continuing involvement in recognizing the works of public servants across the country during Public Service Recognition Week, May 6 through 11. As you know, this week is time set aside each year to honor the men and women who serve America in Federal, state and local government service.

This year is particularly special to me because, as the Deputy Director of the Office of Personnel Management, I have had the high honor to work with, and be a part of, an extraordinary group of dedicated public servants. The events of September 11th forever changed our country. Yet in the face of terror, our public servants rose to the occasion. Federal workers across the country, along with their state and local counterparts, showed true courage and steadfast resolve in ensuring the continuity of operations of government. Following September 11, we saw an increase of interest in public service, from young and old alike. Their patriotism is indeed encouraging and we must do all that we can to continue this momentum by ensuring the hard work and accomplishments of public servants across our country are appropriately recognized during this special week.

I know that all of you have started to plan activities to recognize your employees. Some of these activities will be internal to your own agency and some will be targeted to the public. These activities will also occur at a variety of locations including your central and field offices.

To assist us in sharing information on what different agencies are doing, it would be helpful if you could share your plans with us. To do this, we would appreciate a short summary of the events you have planned broken down by date and if they are internal or external. We would also like to know where these will occur e.g., in your headquarters office, field, or on the mall. (Because we anticipate a number of joint events in the field, we will also be surveying the FEB's and FEA's regarding their plans for Public Service Recognition Week). We also recommend that you post the schedule for your events and activities on your agency website.

Please e-mail your summaries to Charles Kawecki ( by April 24, 2002. Claire Dorrell (202/606-1720) is the contact for this request.