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Pledge to Applicants

Friday, December 13, 2002
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Director for Employment
Pledge to Applicants

You are responsible for ensuring that your agency's future workforce has the staff and skills necessary to provide our citizens with the services on which they depend. OPM is committed to helping you meet these responsibilities and with the Partnership for Public Service has developed the attached "Pledge to Applicants" to help maximize the success of your recruitment efforts.

The Pledge to Applicants is common sense guidance that will improve our success in attracting well-qualified citizens to America 's public service. OPM's Director Kay Coles James fully supports the Pledge and recommends it to you as the foundation for improving Federal hiring. As you know, the Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework incorporated the six principles of the Pledge under its "Human Capital Standards for Success."

Please join us in taking immediate steps to implement the principles described in the Pledge. We will be happy to work with you to make this happen. Please feel free to contact Cheryl Thomas of my staff with any questions or comments. Cheryl can be reached at CKTHOMAS@OPM.GOV


The Office of Personnel Management and the Partnership for Public Service recognize that a Government's most important asset is its people. To attract talented people to the service of the Nation, we believe the application process should enable rather than deter job seekers. To that end, we will work to ensure a process that reflects these principles.

1. A user-friendly application process that is not unduly burdensome or time consuming.

2. Clear, understandable job announcements and instructions for applying.

3. Timely and informed responses to questions about the requirements and the process.

4. Prompt acknowledgement that their application has been received.

5. Regular updates on the status of their applications as significant decisions are reached.

6. A timely decision-making process.