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President's Quality Award Program

Monday, March 4, 2002
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
Kay Coles James, Director
President's Quality Award Program

I am very pleased to share with you several copies of the 2002 President's Quality Award Program criteria booklet.

In my letter of January 18, 2002, I informed you that we had re-oriented the President's Quality Award Program to focus on recognizing accomplishments that further the Administration's objectives as noted in the President's Management Agenda. Participation in this program provides you an opportunity to highlight the significant results the people in your organization have accomplished in the five primary initiative areas. By promoting this program throughout your agency, not only will your agency benefit from the sharing of the best practices that will be recognized, but you will also be enhancing the improvement effort of all federal government organizations.

To facilitate the promotion of this recognition program and to ensure smooth processing of applications within your agency, I ask that you identify a point of contact to be the liaison between yourself, organizations within your agency or department, and our program office. I would very much appreciate it if you would ask your designated point of contact to get in touch with Glenda Haendschke, Program Manager for the President's Quality Award Program, by e-mail at or by phone at 202-606-1875 at their earliest convenience to begin coordination efforts.

As you will note in the application package, nominations for this award will be due by August 5, 2002.

I look forward to sharing in the recognition of talented people doing extraordinary things to make our government one that is results-oriented, citizen-centered, and market-based.

ATTACHMENT: Application Package


OPM has been proud to administer the President's Quality Award (PQA) Program for the Federal Government since 1988. This year we have re-oriented this program to promote and recognize accomplishments that further the Administration's objectives as noted in the President's Management Agenda.

Earlier this year, President Bush clearly set the direction for the Federal Government. He envisions a government that is:

  • Citizen-centered,

  • Results-oriented, and

  • Market-based

The FY 2002 President's Management Agenda identifies five primary initiatives to improve federal management and deliver results that matter to the American people. These initiatives are the foundation for this year's award program. By recognizing and promoting the best practices in these areas, across the Federal Government, we hope to have a significant impact on the success of these initiatives government-wide.

I encourage and challenge all organizations to make President Bush's vision a reality. Share your successes - your results - with others so that we may all benefit.

- Signed -
Kay Coles James
Office of Personnel Management

2002 President's Quality Award Program

"Government likes to begin things - to declare grand new programs and causes and national objectives. But good beginnings are not the measure of success.

What matters in the end is completion. Performance. Results. Not just making promises, but making good on promises. In my Administration, that will be the standard from the farthest regional office of government to the highest office of the land."

Governor George W. Bush

"The President has called for a government that is active but limited, that focuses on priorities and does them well. Rather than pursue an array of management initiatives, we have elected to identify the government's most glaring problems - and solve them. The President's Management Agenda is a starting point for management and reform."

The President's Management Agenda
Fiscal Year 2002

"The President has called for a government that is active but limited, that focuses on priorities and does them well. Rather than pursue an array of management initiatives, we have elected to identify the government's most glaring problems - and solve them. The President's Management Agenda is a starting point for management and reform."

The President's Management Agenda
Fiscal Year 2002


This award will be given to organizations that have shown exemplary performance (approach and results) in any individual area of consideration and have practices that would serve as an excellent role model for other organizations.

The Office of Personnel Management proudly announces the new 2002 President's Quality Award Program. As noted above, President Bush, in his Agenda for 2002, has focused on several priorities. This program will also focus on those priorities and recognize the accomplishments of organizations that further the Administration's objectives. Organizations will be recognized for their performance and results. They will serve as role models and benchmarks for other organizations to attain similar success - so together we will attain President Bush's vision of a government that is Citizen-centered, Results-oriented, and Market-based.


To apply to the Award Program, an organization must meet the following conditions:

  • be a part of the executive branch of the Federal Government


  • An organization may apply for consideration under any one - or all - of the five initiatives (categories) listed below.
    • Strategic Management of Human Capital, or

    • Competitive Sourcing, or

    • Improved Financial Performance, or

    • Expanded Electronic Government, or

    • Budget and Performance Integration


The criteria outlined below are aligned with, and are intended to support, the President's Management Agenda and the Executive Branch Management Scorecard. Award nominations from Federal Government organizations will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined below. Considerable attention will be given to the agency-wide level of success on their management scorecard.

Strategic Management of Human Capital

  1. Describe your human capital strategies and how they are linked to organizational mission, vision, core values, goals, and objectives.

  2. Describe how you are using strategic workforce planning, HR flexibilities, technology, and other tools to recruit, retain, and reward employees.

  3. Describe how you have developed your leadership and organization's culture to support a high-performing workforce that continuously improves its productivity.

  4. Describe your efforts in identifying the "core competencies" of the organization and how you determined the most effective and efficient way to develop and maintain those core competencies (i.e., building in-house capacity or contract for services).

  5. What were your results?

Competitive Sourcing

  1. Describe how you identify activities for potential competitive sourcing.

  2. Describe how you have promoted continuous improvement within the organization to ensure you have the most efficient organization.

  3. Describe your timely compliance with the FAIR Act and efforts made to accurately list all commercial activities performed by your employees.

  4. Describe how your senior leaders promote competition.

  5. What were your results?

Improved Financial Performance

  1. Describe your efforts to improve timeliness, usefulness, reliability of, and access to financial management data such as operating expenses, budgets, cost data, erroneous payment rates, inventory, receivables, payables, etc., that support day-to-day operations.

  2. Describe how your financial management systems have been designed/reengineered to ensure that decision-makers have accurate, timely, and useful information.

  3. Describe how your financial management information is used to ensure your desired outcomes and affect performance.

  4. What were your results?

Expanded Electronic Government

  1. Describe your E-government initiatives that enhance your mission efficiency (i.e., electronic applications, purchases, proposals, etc.) How have these initiatives provided your customers better access, improved customer service, and reduced program costs?

  2. Describe your web-enhancements that provide convenient customer-oriented access, and provide increased access for persons with disabilities.

  3. Describe how your organization has realized productivity improvements by implementing customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource management, or knowledge management best practices.

  4. What were your results?

Budget and Performance Integration:

  1. Describe your process for developing performance goals and output targets. How do you allocate resources in the context of past results?

  2. Describe how your planning and budget staff work with program managers to create an integrated performance plan and budget. How do they monitor and evaluate program implementation?

  3. Describe your process for ensuring resources (staff and $) are aligned to support achievement of organizational goals.

  4. What were your performance and financial results?


We will consider the following areas when evaluating your application:

  • Results - specific measurements that document success

  • Impact on the success of your mission

  • Value to your customers - Customer satisfaction

  • Deployment - the extent of implementation

  • Transferability - the degree to which your process and results can be easily replicated by other Federal Government organizations

  • Sustainability - not a quick fix but rather long-term impact


Applications must:

  • be narrative responses that clearly respond to each item (bullet) under the category for which you are applying

  • discuss your approach and breadth of deployment

  • have documented results

  • be submitted in one hard copy and in electronic format

  • submitted on 8 ½" x 11" paper, with one inch margins, and in no less than twelve point type

  • be accompanied by a nomination form (if submitting an application under more than one category, complete a nomination form for each)

  • be accompanied by a completed Organization Background

Responses are limited to:

  • no more than ten pages for each nomination plus the nomination form and organization background

Nomination forms will:

  • be signed by the highest ranking official in the applicant organization and

  • be endorsed by the head of the agency/department or their designee.

Mail applications to:

    Office of Personnel Management
    Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness
    President's Quality Award Program
    1900 E Street NW, Room 7470
    Washington, DC 20415

Program Point of Contact is:
Glenda Haendschke


  • Initial application review: August 2002

  • Notification of winners: September 2002

  • Awards ceremony: October 2002

Text Box: Applications for the 2002 President's Quality Award are due August 5, 2002

Organization Background
"Tell us a Little About Yourself"

What is your mission?

What are your primary strategic goals and objectives?

Who are your primary customers?

What is your primary product or service?

How many employees do you have in your organization? (List by type of employee: i.e., Federal Government , contractor, etc.)


NOMINATION CATEGORY: (Please check one only. A separate nomination form is required for each category nominated)

___ Budget and Performance Integration
___ Competitive Sourcing
___ Strategic Management of Human Capital
___ Improved Financial Performance
___ Expanded Electronic Government

1. Name of Organization: __________________________________________

2. Parent Agency or Department: ____________________________________

3. Organization Point of Contact: ____________________________________

Name: _______________________________ Title: ____________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________


Phone Number: ______________________ E-mail Address: ________________

4. Certification: The senior most person in the applicant organization must sign below:

I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application is accurate.

____________________________________ ________________________

Printed name                                             Title

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________


_____________________________________ ________________________

Signature                                                      Date

5. Agency/Department Endorsement:

_____________________________________ _________________________

Printed name                                             Title

_____________________________________ _________________________

Signature                                                      Date