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Release of the Governmentwide Executive Onboarding Framework and Manual

Friday, September 30, 2011
Chief Human Capital Officers
John Berry, Director
Release of the Governmentwide Executive Onboarding Framework and Manual

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is announcing the release of the Governmentwide Executive Onboarding Program Framework and the corresponding Executive Onboarding Manual.  Executive onboarding is the deliberate assimilation of new leaders into the organization to ensure effectiveness and increased organizational commitment. Executive onboarding should be strategic, so that it not only prevents executive derailment, but expedites the executive’s contribution to optimize strategic achievement. Implementation of this Executive Onboarding Framework will help facilitate the successful integration of new executives. 

The Framework is the result of a collaborative cross-agency effort among OPM, the Senior Executives Association, the Partnership for Public Service, agency representatives from the Executive Resources and Training communities, current SES members, and experts from the private sector. The initial work was leveraged by one of the three PMC-chartered working groups focusing on potential enhancements within the SES Corps. OPM has been tasked to work with agencies to implement the attached Executive Onboarding model. Several agencies are currently piloting the framework. At year’s end, OPM will provide a report documenting lessons learned from the pilot.

The one-year Framework is flexible enough to allow adjustments that adhere to specific agency rules, policies and procedures, or needs. The Manual contains information about successful leadership integration, the challenges and complexity of leadership transitions, and practical steps, as well as things to consider when developing an executive onboarding program.  It includes best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and new SES comments on how the onboarding experience can be improved.

As a final phase of this effort, OPM will develop an exit survey for SES members this fall. Information from this exit survey and results from the onboarding pilots will inform OPM on further improvements to SES programs.

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Attachment-Governmentwide Executive Onboarding Framework and Manual