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Release of OPM’s Executive Development Best Practices Guide

Monday, December 17, 2012
Human Resources Directors
Angela Bailey, Associate Director, Employee Services
Release of OPM’s Executive Development Best Practices Guide

The attached guide contains a compilation of best practices used by the public and private sector to support the continued learning of executives.  The information was gathered through an extensive literature review, as well as through interviews with a number of Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies.  OPM developed this guide to help agencies meet the development needs of Federal executives.   

The accompanying research has identified a strong link between executive leadership and organizational outcomes; therefore, the continual learning and development of Senior Executive Service (SES) employees must be a top priority within the Federal Government.  This guide aims to underscore the need for continued development after entering the SES, and to ultimately foster a Governmentwide perspective that emphasizes learning at every level of service. 

cc: Chief Human Capital Officers and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers