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Release of OPM’s Online Course: “Linking and Developing Measurable SES Results-Focused Performance Requirements”

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Chief Human Capital Officers
Katherine Archuleta Director
Release of OPM’s Online Course: “Linking and Developing Measurable SES Results-Focused Performance Requirements”

OPM is pleased to share an online course developed for senior executives entitled, “Linking and Developing Measurable SES Results-Focused Performance Requirements.”  The course provides executives with guidance and resources for writing results-oriented performance requirements in their performance plans.  The course helps identify benchmarks for success and ensure alignment of individual performance goals with organizational goals.  OPM developed this course for cross-Governmental use in response to recommendations from interagency working groups on tools that would help them obtain certification of their SES performance appraisal systems.  The course is designed to help executives craft the requirements of their performance plans.  Results-oriented performance requirements aligned to organizational goals support agency implementation of the new Governmentwide Basic SES Performance Appraisal System and compliance with the 2010 Government Performance Results and Accountability Modernization Act (GPRA-MA). 

The course is highly participatory, integrating electronic job aids to increase and enhance interactivity.  Prior to beginning the course, senior executives are encouraged to collect all documents and information they need to write their results-driven performance requirements.  This will facilitate completion of an end product they can use to determine and describe what is needed for success in accomplishing the year's performance goals. This course is provided to agencies at no cost on the “Manager’s Corner,” an online portal for all Federal leaders.  Agencies can also upload the course to their learning management systems (LMS).

For questions related to the Basic SES Performance Appraisal System please contact Stephen T. Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Senior Executive Services and Performance Management by telephone at (202) 606-8046.  If you have any questions about the course, or would like to request a course CD for use with your LMS, please contact Julie Brill ( or Cheryl Ndunguru (

cc: Deputy Chief Human Capital Officers