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Request for Content for New Featured Job and Featured Employer Sections on USAJOBS

Monday, July 22, 2002
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director for Employment
Request for Content for New Featured Job and Featured Employer Sections on USAJOBS

As part of the E-Government Recruitment One-Stop initiative, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) introduced a new user interface on the USAJOBS web site on June 30, 2002. The interface includes both a new featured job and featured employer section. The new sections include a prominently placed graphic image portraying the work of the job or the agency, a few short lines of introductory text, and a link to a one page narrative description. The featured job and featured employer sections will be frequently rotated, providing job seekers with an ever changing palette of opportunities.

In order for these new features to be successful, your input is essential. To submit a featured job or featured employer entry for consideration, we request the following items:

1. Home Page Graphic. A high quality web-enabled image suitable for posting on the website depicting either the highlighted job or the agency mission that will be placed on the homepage in the appropriate column.

2. Introductory Text. A one sentence introduction to your narrative description. For example, the Department of Treasury might include an introductory statement such as: "We're not just about making the money. We have a long tradition of managing the government's finances, promoting a stable economy and fighting crime in America." Text should be submitted as a Word document.

3. Narrative Description. A full page of text describing the job/occupation or your agency, sub-division, or component organization. This is a free-form opportunity to describe the rewards, values and excitement of your job opportunities; or organization. The narrative should be presented as a marketing piece. We do not believe it is in our interests to simply reproduce a position description or job announcement. Text should be submitted as a Word document.

4. Agency Seal. A quality web-enabled image of your agency seal that will be used as a watermark on the page containing the narrative description.

This new user interface provides all agencies with the opportunity to market both the agency and the job opportunities presented by each agency. Our ability to keep the content fresh and focused will add to the job seeker experience in an extremely positive way. The result of which will be more applicants and a wider applicant pool for both the Federal government and your specific agency.

Attached are the instructions for submitting a featured job and a featured agency posting. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Claire Gibbons @ 606-1192 or

Guidance for Featured Employer / Feature Jobs Postings

Guidance for Featured Employer / Feature Jobs Postings

The USAJOBS website is a one-stop Internet gateway to Federal employment opportunities. To generate continued interest in the website and enthusiasm about Federal job opportunities, the homepage will feature a one-page narrative highlighting an agency or a particular job. These narratives will allow agencies to showcase the opportunities available at their offices and also serve as a recruiting tool for agencies to diversify the pool of future Federal employees.

Narratives for the featured employer should feature an agency as a whole or a specific office within the agency. Provide a graphic or logo with the narrative that is high quality, web-enabled and 400 pixels in width. Since the target audience is both Federal and non-Federal job seekers, write the articles in a manner easily understood by both segments.

Answer the following questions in the narrative.

For Featured Employer

  • Who are you? (Agency/Office)
  • What does your agency/office do?
  • Why would a job seeker want to work for your agency?

For Featured Job

  • Describe the employment opportunity. What will the job seeker be working on? What's in it for them?
  • When are you hiring and when do you accept applications? (e.g., fall semester, spring semester, summer)?
  • Where (geographic location) would the job seeker be working?
  • How much will the job seeker get paid?

Please email narratives and graphics to Elnora Wright at ELWRIGHT@opm or John Still at Postings will be featured in the order received. The frequency of rotation will be based on the number of submissions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Elnora Wright at 202-606-1248 or John Still at 202-606-1275. Thank you for your continued interest in and support of USAJOBS... "Working for America!"