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Semi-annual Schedule C Verification

Tuesday, January 7, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Director for Employment
Semi-annual Schedule C Verification

We need your assistance to review and verify the Schedule C records for your agency in our new Executive and Schedule C System (ESCS) by no later than January 23, 2003.

Recently, we completed converting all current Schedule C records to ESCS. You are now using ESCS to print your Request for Schedule C Appointing Authority, OPM Form 1019, and to submit requests to the White House and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for approval. Starting in January 2003, we must use ESCS to prepare Schedule C reports for the White House Presidential Personnel Office and notices for the Federal Register. Therefore, our ESCS data must be accurate.

Recently, we sent an email to your Schedule C representative (name in bold on the attached Agency Schedule C Contacts list). This email will transmit your Schedule C Verification File and verification instructions. Your staff will need Microsoft EXCEL software to open this file and verify and correct your Schedule C records.

It is important that our verification accurately reflect each encumbered Schedule C position in your agency as of December 31, 2002. If your agency has one or more Schedule C positions, please complete the following three tasks by January 23, 2003:

  1. Verify that each encumbered or requested Schedule C position is in ESCS with the title and supervisor accurately shown.
  2. Submit your verification and corrections to us using the instructions we provide.
  3. Establish operating procedures that use ESCS to:
    1. Submit your requests simultaneously to both the White House and OPM;
    2. Track your request's approval; and
    3. Enter effective and vacate dates in ESCS within 3 working days.

We appreciate your assistance in making this verification both accurate and timely. We expect this semi-annual process will become an annual after our next verification in June 2003. Please direct questions about this memorandum and omissions or changes in our contact information to Larry Lorenz at or (202) 606-1143