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Senior Executive Service Senior Opportunity and Resume System

Friday, November 2, 2001
MSG 2001-094b
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Kay Coles James, Director
Senior Executive Service Senior Opportunity and Resume System

I invite you to take advantage of an innovative new tool to help SES members learn about career opportunities. The Senior Executive Service Senior Opportunity and Resume System (SES SOARS) is a web-based tool to match your talents and skills with selected job opportunities in agencies before they are competitively announced. We created it as a meeting place for agencies to post opportunities, and executives to post resumes. Until now, there has been no organized way for you to know about upcoming opportunities or for agencies to know of your interest.

Now, more than ever, our Government needs a means for quickly identifying talent to deal with rapidly changing events. SES SOARS can be an "emergency talent bank" of executives with capabilities to respond to unanticipated situations. For more predictable efforts, such as restructuring, this tool can help us get the right people in the right jobs at the right time.

It's easy to participate. Go to the OPM home page at or directly to (there's no "www".) Select "Request Access" on the navigation bar, and follow the simple instructions. We'll send you your private access code. Once you have it, you can review opportunities agencies post, including permanent vacancies, short-term projects, emergency needs, or temporary vacancies. This is a perfect vehicle for executives who are open to new opportunities but not actively applying for jobs.

Next, please post your resume. By limiting the talent bank to current executives and graduates of OPM-approved Candidate Development Programs, executives and agencies avoid the lengthy competitive application process. It's a win/win for everyone.

Agencies will still use traditional competitive announcements to fill most of their SES vacancies. However, we wanted to make an expedited alternative available. Since SES SOARS is entirely voluntary, it will only succeed if you and agencies actively participate.

OPM is here to help you get the results the American people expect. Our Office of Executive Resources Management (OERM) exists to serve you and SES SOARS is just one more helpful tool we offer. We developed SOARS with input from you, the HR community and others, including the Senior Executives Association.

If you have any questions regarding our Executive Resources support, contact Joyce Edwards, OERM Director, at 202-606-1610. For questions about this tool, contact our SES SOARS coordinator, Nancy Gauthier, at or 202-606-1125.