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Standard Form 113G Reporting Test for Fiscal Year 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Human Resources Directors
Jonathan Foley, Director, Planning and Policy Analysis
Standard Form 113G Reporting Test for Fiscal Year 2012

This memo is to inform agencies that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are testing a new process for collecting full-time equivalent (FTE) data.  Currently, agencies report FTE data to OPM using the SF-113G report.  OPM then provides end of fiscal year data to OMB.  These FTE totals are used by OMB to verify FTE totals submitted in the President’s Budget formulation process.  Both OMB and OPM would like to eliminate some of the delay in the current process and give agencies a more direct input to the FTE budget process.  Under this test, OMB will issue a budget data request (BDR) asking agencies to input FY12 FTE totals directly into an OMB Budget Community application.  Therefore, please do not submit fourth quarter SF-113G reports to OPM this October.  For FY13, agencies are encouraged to continue to produce SF-113G reports for their internal management needs, pending this test.  Should the test prove successful, our goal is to relieve agencies from submitting future quarterly SF-113G reports to OPM.  Additional guidance will be provided by OMB and OPM after this test.  Your comments during this test period are welcome.
We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and ask that you continue to direct any SF-113G data        submission questions to British Morrison at (202) 606-1350 or via email at