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Status of Agencies' Workforce Planning Activities

Wednesday, July 3, 2002
Directors Of Human Resources And Chief Information Officers
Richard A. Whitford, Acting Associate Director Employment Service
Status of Agencies' Workforce Planning Activities

In order to continue to support the objectives of the President's Management Agenda, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is seeking to update information from all Federal agencies on their current Workforce Planning efforts. This feedback will be posted on OPM's Workforce Planning web-site at, under our "Who's Doing What" section to provide a clearinghouse of information for use by all public agencies. If your agency is already represented on our web-site, then we ask you to please review the information there for continued accuracy and provide us feedback. While agency participation is strictly voluntary, your active assistance is requested.

The collection of this information will be accomplished through a partnership with a team of Executive Potential Program (EPP) participants in the USDA Graduate School's Leadership Development Academy. In addition to collecting contact information, the team will be soliciting case examples that you might be interested in sharing with the rest of the Federal community.

Requested Actions:

1) Please provide a point of contact within your agency who can respond to general inquiries regarding your agency's Workforce Planning efforts.

2) Once contacted by a member of the team, who will identify themselves as EPP participants assisting OPM's Workforce Planning Team, please be prepared to share general information about your agency's efforts.

Please send responses and comments by email to Please reply no later than July 12, 2002.

We appreciate your assistance. If you have any questions regarding this memo, please respond to Mike Culpepper by email ( or by phone (202-606-1642).