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Telework Initiative

Friday, August 31, 2001
MSG 2001-060a
Human Resources Directors
Teresa M. Jenkins, Director, Office of Workforce Relations
Telework Initiative

In October 2000, Public Law 106-346, Section 359 was enacted requiring Federal agencies to establish telework policies. The Office of Personnel Management's (OPM's) role in implementing the Public Law is to assist agencies with identifying and overcoming those barriers that inhibit the use of telework in order to increase actual participation.

A critical piece to overcoming barriers and increasing participation is the education of employees and their managers about the benefits of telework, to dispel misinformation, and overcome obstacles, both real and perceived. We are, therefore, asking for assistance from content experts from each Federal agency to design an e-learning curriculum. It is only through agency participation that an effective curriculum of learning can be created. We have queried many agency representatives and discovered a heightened interest in on-line telework learning.

Collaborative input from Federal agencies is imperative to create a training module that meets all needs and areas of interest for each agency. We estimate that the agency representatives will meet two to three days a month for two months to create the curriculum and design the marketing plan and instructions for agencies. The first meeting with prospective vendors is tentatively planned for the week of September 10.

Once the initial curriculum has been developed, we will be requesting funding to create the on-line learning module from Federal agencies. The funding need will be divided among all participating agencies and processed in accordance with revolving fund procedures through the Training and Management Assistance program (TMA). The funding amount will be determined before the end of September 2001, at which time agencies may immediately contribute their portion to the revolving fund.

If you can assist OPM by providing a representative to serve as a content expert on behalf of your agency, please contact Jennifer Hirschmann, with the name of your agency's representative, by September 7 on 202/606-3711, e-mail "". The work of the group will begin soon, with the goal of making the product available for agency use by November.

If you are unable to send a representative, please contact Ms. Hirschmann with your recommendations for the curriculum. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important aspect of increasing telework participation throughout the Federal government.