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Tenth Annual Report to the President on Hispanic Employment

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Directors Of Human Resources And Equal Employment Opportunity
Nancy H. Kichak, Associate Director, Employee Services
Tenth Annual Report to the President on Hispanic Employment

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) must send an annual report to the President on Hispanic Employment in the Government as required by Executive Order 13171 of October 12, 2000.  In an effort to consolidate reports that require similar information, OPM is asking Federal agencies to submit the information necessary for the annual Hispanic Employment Report with their Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Recruitment Plan (FEORP) Report. 

FEORP requires, in part, that agencies submit a narrative report identifying areas where your agency has been most successful in recruiting, hiring, and training a diverse workforce, including minorities and women, during FY 2010.  Since agencies report this information for FEORP, it makes sense to consolidate the FEORP and Hispanic Employment reports.  However, to ensure that we have the information necessary to develop the Hispanic Employment Report for the President, your FEORP report must include the specific practices and activities your agency has implemented to improve the recruitment, career development, and retention of Hispanics. 

In addition, please report examples of diversity and inclusion training conducted for agency managers and supervisors, as well as steps taken to hold managers and senior executives accountable for developing and maintaining a high quality diverse and inclusive workforce.  Please submit your agency’s current MD 715 barrier analysis on underrepresentation of Hispanics in major job occupations and applicant pool. 

An outline of information that your agency should consider when reporting examples of strategies used for the recruitment, development and retention of Hispanics is attached.
As a reminder, FEORP submissions are due to OPM on Friday, November 5, 2010. 

If you have questions regarding the Hispanic Employment Report please contact Edgar Gonzalez at 
(202) 606-2984, or  Please clearly label your Hispanic report and email it, or fax it to (202) 606-2329, Attn: Mekaela Bratcher, or mail it to the following address:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Employee Services
Recruitment Diversity
1900 E Street, NW, Room 7470
Washington, DC  20415-9000


Please describe your agency's practices and activities designed and implemented to improve the recruitment, career development, and retention of Hispanics.  Include specific examples of outreach and recruitment strategies, internship programs, partnerships with organizations outside the Federal Government, and special activities taken to increase the number of  Hispanic candidates for entry-, mid-, and senior-level positions.  In addition, steps your agency has taken to ensure accountability of senior executives and managers to increase and maintain a diverse workforce.

When describing your agency’s practices, please address the following:

1.  Recruitment

Outreach to ensure recruitment is being conducted in all parts of the country, particularly where there is a significant Hispanic presence as indicated by US Census data (e.g., Southwest, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Miami). 

Use of student educational employment programs and internships (e.g., Student Career Experience Program, Student Temporary Employment Program, Federal Career Intern Program) to ensure Federal employment opportunities are extended to a broad array of sources for entry-level positions. Using the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program for recruiting and advancing graduate and professional school graduates, including Hispanics. Participating in intern programs (e.g., HACU, CHCI, SHPE, MAES, etc,) to recruit new talent directly. 

Development of and maintenance of long-term partnerships with academia, professional associations and minority-serving organizations and dissemination of information on Federal employment opportunities to students, faculty, educational institutions and school systems with Hispanic representation.

2.  Career Development/Retention

Establishment of clear paths to acquire the competencies, skills, knowledge, and experience Hispanic employees need for their continual learning and career development.  Participation of Hispanics, in management, leadership and career development programs is promoted and disseminated throughout the agency.

Development of mentoring programs to motivate employees, including Hispanics, to pursue career advancement, both formal and informal.

3.  Accountability

Diversity and Inclusion training is provided for senior executives, managers and supervisors.

Senior executives and managers’ involvement in all phases of recruitment, outreach, and retention of a high-quality diverse workforce.  These human capital responsibilities are linked to the performance of managers and supervisors.