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Third Annual Report to the President on Hispanic Employment

Friday, June 6, 2003
Directors Of Human Resources And Equal Employment Opportunity
Ron Sanders, Associate Director for Strategic Human Resources Policy
Third Annual Report to the President on Hispanic Employment

In compliance with Executive Order 13171, it is time to prepare our third annual report to the President on Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government. Again, we are surveying Federal agencies to identify practices to improve the representation of Hispanics in their workforce. As you review your agency's Human Capital strategies, keep in mind that President George W. Bush has made improving Hispanic representation at all levels a priority Governmentwide.

Please provide a written description on the following points by close of business on August 15, 2003:

  1. Your agency's specific activities and accomplishments in implementing the Hispanic Nine-Point Plan;
  2. Your agency's top practices in strategic human capital management and planning that best help improve the recruitment, retention, and promotion of Hispanics; and
  3. How these practices align with your agency's Annual Performance Plan under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

To assist you in preparing your response, we have attached the Hispanic Nine-Point Plan and some points to consider. If you have any questions, please contact Cristina Frias-Brown at (202) 606-0830 or

You may fax your response to (202) 606-2329 or mail to:

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
ATTN: Hispanic Report
Center for Talent and Capacity Policy
Division for Strategic Human Resources Policy
1900 E Street, NW (Room 6500)
Washington, DC 20415-9000

Attachment: Hispanic employment initiative

Attachment 1


Please describe your agency's specific activities and accomplishments for each point.

  1. Support and implement the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.
  2. Provide employment information to students, faculty, and the Hispanic community.
  3. Use the Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Program for recruiting, converting, and advancing Hispanic college graduates.
  4. Participate in the HACU National Internship Program.
  5. Use the flexibilities of the Student Employment Program to bring Hispanic students into agency's shortage category occupations, as well as other occupations.
  6. Develop mentoring programs to motivate young people to pursue higher education and Federal careers.
  7. Promote participation of Hispanic employees in career development programs.
  8. Assess agency needs for full-time, part-time, or collateral Hispanic Employment Program (HEP) Managers and ensure that HEP Managers are integral members of the agency's management team.
  9. Incorporate these activities into the agency's annual Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program (FEORP) accomplishment report to OPM.

Points to Consider in Preparing Your Response on Hispanic Employment

When describing your agency's top human capital management practices as they relate to Hispanic employment, please include any "best practices" in:

  • Accountability of managers and executives to produce results in hiring decisions. This may include the development of performance plans for senior executives, managers, and supervisors that include specific, measurable accomplishments, as well as monitoring, accountability, and reward systems.
  • Innovative outreach, recruitment, and retention strategies. This may include workforce planning, targeted recruitment strategies and programs, partnerships with organizations outside the government, and special activities to increase the number of Hispanic candidates for entry-, mid-, and senior-level positions.
  • The effective use of such existing tools as:
    • Appointing Hispanic Employment Program (HEP) Managers and HEP Advisory Councils to obtain advice on Hispanic employment issues,
    • Ensuring that agency managers and supervisors receive periodic diversity training,
    • Issuing an agency-wide policy statement on implementing the President's Strategic Human Capital Management Program regarding Hispanics,
    • Utilizing student employment programs to improve the pipeline of Hispanics for entry-level positions, and
    • Utilizing the Bilingual-bicultural program to strengthen the agency's ability to carry out its mission.