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Update and Clarification Regarding the FY 2013 Presidential Rank Award Program

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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Elaine Kaplan, Acting Director
Update and Clarification Regarding the FY 2013 Presidential Rank Award Program

This memorandum is being issued in response to questions that have arisen regarding the administration of the Presidential Rank Awards Program for FY 2013, and as a follow-up to my memorandum of May 17, 2013, soliciting nominees for Rank Awards. 

Presidential Rank Awards are an important way to recognize the profound and sustained accomplishments of outstanding career executives in the Federal Government.   As indicated in the May 17 memorandum, however, the current sequester and resulting budgetary constraints may severely impact the feasibility of issuance of Presidential Rank Awards in FY 2013. 

Some agencies may have decided not to submit any nominations because they were not aware that Rank Award nominees may also be considered for some alternative non-monetary Presidential recognition.  For that reason, the deadline for nominations for Presidential Rank Awards has been extended through June 14, 2013.  Additional guidance will be forthcoming on the vetting process for nominations for FY 2013 Presidential Rank Awards or alternative non-monetary Presidential recognition, including the necessity of background checks.

Any requests for additional information or assistance should be directed to Steve Shih, Deputy Associate Director, Senior Executive Services and Performance Management, OPM, at (202) 606-8046 or

cc: Chief Human Capital Officers and Human Resource Directors