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Updated Telework Training Modules for Agencies

Friday, January 20, 2012
Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies
John Berry, Director
Updated Telework Training Modules for Agencies

In December 2010, President Obama signed the Telework Enhancement Act into law.  The law provides a framework to enable Federal agencies to maximize the use of telework, which aids in the recruitment of new Federal workers, the retention of current employees, and the ability of the Federal Government to maintain operations in the face of events, such as weather- related emergencies and situations involving a threat to national security.

The law requires Federal agencies to provide interactive telework training for employees who are eligible and interested in participating in telework and for their managers.  The training must be successfully completed prior to the signing of a written telework agreement.  In an effort to most effectively support agencies in responding to this training requirement, OPM recently developed an updated and improved telework training package to be made available through the website.   I am proud to announce that new employee and manager telework training modules are now available for use at no cost via  Alternatively, agencies that have their own Learning Management System will now have the capability to download the training for internal use.  This option will allow agencies to track the use and completion of the training.

Please submit any questions about the new training modules to Dr. Alexis Adams in the Work/Life/Wellness Office at OPM, at 202-606-1865 or

cc: Chief Human Capital Officers