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Virtual Career Fair for Public Service Recognition Week

Monday, April 28, 2003
Human Resources Directors
Stephen C. Benowitz and Clarence Crawford, Associate Director, Human Resources Products and Services and Associate Director, Management and Chief Financial Officer
Virtual Career Fair for Public Service Recognition Week

As a new recruiting strategy and advertising for Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW), the Public Employees Roundtable (PER) has negotiated with the Washington Post to sponsor and partner the first annual Virtual Career Fair to focus exclusively on public service and the needs of Government agencies. The roundtable envisions this as the model for subsequent years. Online access is planned for May 2 — 18. Individuals can learn about government agencies, and the many and various employment opportunities that exist. This online career event provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your agency and opportunities in order to attract first-rate talent to the Federal Government.

The career fair will be hosted on with direct links to USAJOBS and participating agencies. Applicants will be able to search for and apply for positions online, talk with recruiters online, and learn more about the latest career trends and opportunities. Since has almost 1 million visitors each week, we're sure the Post's banner advertising will attract very large numbers to the Virtual Career Fair.

There are two types of participation for which you can take advantage. One is pavilion sponsorship; the other is booth sponsorship.

Advantages of a pavilion are:

  • Logo link to department/agency booth throughout the pavilion including main pavilion and job search pages
  • Pavilion sponsorship recognition on the Virtual Career Fair main page
  • Meet the Recruiter discussion
  • Up to 550,000 total banner ads (468x60) on network
  • Regular booth included with perks below

A virtual booth provides you:

  • Highlights your department/agency and important statistics (annual budget, strategic focus, total employees, total employees in Metro area)
  • Benefits section to promote employee benefits (flextime, 401(k), and more)
  • Prescreening questions to help you quickly identify potential matches
  • FAQ section for questions about your department/agency
  • Two images/photos and a multimedia page with an audio or video presentation
  • Report detailing the number of listings viewed, emails received, and click-throughs to your website
  • A department/agency message board to connect with job seekers
  • Wrapped job listings from your website

Cost of pavilion is $15K; cost of booth is $4K.

We believe PSRW is an excellent time to start recruiting at a different level--using new strategies--by taking full advantage of what technology can offer us. This is what job seekers are looking for-easy access to Federal jobs and information through the Internet. This event, combined with the new USAJOBS system, affords the Federal Government lots of opportunity to attract talented job candidates.

We hope you will join the cooperative efforts of the OPM, NAPA , the PER, and the Washington Post in hosting this virtual event. It's an excellent opportunity for your agency to take full advantage of the true capability of the web to help overcome the challenges of attracting the best possible candidates for government employment. Agencies can contact Tina Strickland at OPM on 202/606-1428 or Donald Washington at The Washington Post at 202/334-4049. Also visit the PER website for further details at